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Way back as a young kid running around in my grandmas kitchen helping her and learning, she always had a clay jar with oil and different herbs  sitting under the wood stove, when the men came in from work and cleaned up they would dip some oil out and apply it to the sore  hard working muscles to ease the pain and soreness, many years later I find myself needed herb medicine and remembered the family recipe and with a little tuning  in 2006 made the first jar of Topical Way to sell

We would like to introduce you to Topical Way’s all natural topical HEMP lotion.

We use an all pressed HEMP OIL BASE we are a clean non waxy topical cream. 

Our blend of oils work together and don’t leave stains, or lingering smells

we only use the best oils the benefits are on this page

we offer our product in 2oz and 8 oz jars, Topical way was EST in 2006 but it’s an  old family recipe still made with care and respect, We welcome any questions you many have .

We can take orders and payment by  phone 425-780-2873 and email too.